Sunday Sermon
Questions of Faith

Today we begin a new project here at the Ministry. In our continuing quest to explore the kaleidoscope of world religion, I have asked several members of the Flock to answer 12 questions about their faith. Their responses will be posted here, as a sort of "guest blogger" program. We will hear from practiioners of Druidic and Shamanic traditions, as well as Buddhism, Baha'i, and several branches of Christianity. It should be interesting.

My hope is that we can all use this as an opportunity to ask questions and learn about different spiritual paths. To help you prepare for the coming posts, you might want to answer the 12 questions yourself...

1) What faith do you espouse?
2) Who was the founder of your faith? When did he/she live?
3) What are the sacred texts of your faith?
4) What is the central teaching of your faith?
5) How does your faith define sin? What are the major sins, and how is
one absolved?
6) Roughly how many adherents does your faith have?
7) What does your faith teach about the afterlife? Is there heaven, and
how do you get there?
8) What are the practices of your faith? (Daily, weekly, etc.)
9) How is your faith organized? Are there priests and bishops and
archbishops (oh my!)?
10) Are there regular services available to you locally? If so, where?
11) How did you come to be a believer?
12) What do you wish others knew about your faith?

Go in Peace.

(If you'd like to tell us about your faith, please Email me. I'd love to have more voices - Hindu, Islam, Jain, Zoroastrian, Satanism, etc.)


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