Despite our best efforts, Darth Furious gets loose once in a while. The last time it happened, it was:

4:48 P.M. on a Thursday

bored now.
me too.
I'm going to drop out of society and wear small animals as hats I'm so bored.
I'm gonna' learn to swallow swords and then travel with the Olympic fencing team as a human scabbard I'm so bored.
It's called "enui," actually.
Small animals as hats? How would you get them to stay on?
staples and duct tape
maybe epoxy - whatever it takes. I'm hardcore.
I smell candy.
I have JellyBellys.
nope - smells like those cheap little hearts with the lameass sayings on them...
"Be mine"
Wow. It's not even February.
"Blow Me"
I've never seen one that says "Blow Me."
Well, they should. We should market some with real sayings, that real people would say on Valentine's day.
"Be my love-monkey"
Real people don't say that.
"Touch yourself while I watch"
That one's too long.
True - but you get the idea
"Let's get it on"
"Horny? Me too."
"Do me"
"Bring handcuffs..."
"Come to momma"
"Take the dirt road"
Now that's just crude
"Do you bite?"
"Drain me"
"Got Dick?"
"Spank dat ass"
"Say please"
"Sign this waiver"
"Sign this waiver"?!
Hey, it takes all kinds...
dude, you should blog this.


Flynn said...

That sounds like a... umm... doable... market...

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