Like toadstools, language grows in the unlikeliest of places...

ass-er-y (as-uh-ri), n. Neologism, Barkdull, 2004

1) The condition of being an ass.
2) The practices of ass-like behavior.
3) Asses considered as a group.

Example: "Now, as for assery, it can be good, if you're cute enough to pull it off." -Barkdull

Places of Madness...

Check out this guy's videos. Amazing yo skill, which means amazing dorkiness. With costumes.

O.K., so Subbuteo is not a household word in America... but it should be! What could be more fun than table soccer? It's soccer - but on a table! It will be a hard sell to the video game set, but the streaker figures should help with that (scroll down a bit - you can't miss 'em).

Do you ever wish, "If only I could take my pet goose on an outing with me..."? Well wish no more! The duck and goose diaper is here!

Tired of defending the Republic with a cheap expanding lightsaber from Wal-Mart? Upgrade here. If you need training, these folks can help you. I mean really, let's be honest - who doesn't want to earn the big brown bathrobe?

Or perhaps, you are more of a Dark Side kinda' guy... I don't blame you - I am a reformed Sith Lord myself. Before you sell your soul for facial tattoos and telekinesis, consider the wisdom provided here.