I Spare You the Details

Ordinarily, this blog is filled with anecdotes about the hijinks and shenanigans of your favorite faux religious leader, HSBP. Lately, however, the life of His Sinfulness has been so dull, so repetitive, so mind-numbingly quotidian, that posting the details is actually prohibited by law or the Geneva Convention or something. Over the years, desperation has driven me to post many things, but I draw the line at human rights violations.

Instead, we bring you Friday Furious with her interpretive dance, La Joie du Traitée (The Joy of the Treated).

New Inmate

Ok, so it's been forever since I posted. But look - PUPPY!
Her name is Friday, and she is a 12 week-old Jack Russell Terrier. It's not really her fault that I haven't been posting, but as you can see, she is very distracting, and she knows it. This is her "sincere" face. "But daddy, I really NEED another biscuit..."

Just getting a decent picture of her has been a real challenge. I went through over 50 still images and about 30 minutes of video footage just to find what I've posted here. Almost every shot was a blur, or too dark, or a picture of her licking/chewing the camera. In other words, she is a healthy, normal Jack Russell puppy.

When she is tired, she likes to crash on a lap. She is not concerned about which lap - any will do.

I am uploading a video of terrible quality to YouTube right now. It is honestly the only one that is even remotely watchable. My camera needs a lot of light to get a decent picture and this was shot at night, but it's still worth immortalizing as it was actually taken the night we brought her home.

As soon as I get up tomorrow I'll get it embedded for you - right now I have to get to bed so that I can be on time for another day in the salt mine - I mean, the office.

That could be the segue into a lengthy rant about my job, but I will spare you the details. The people, including my supervisor, are nice, but the computer systems are nightmarishly old and the students are sometimes less than civil. Suffice it to say that working for Dunder Mifflin would be preferable. Perhaps I'll bore you all with the details at a later date.

In the meantime, sleep well.

Place Holder Post

New job is hell - no time to tell you all about it until this weekend.

Got a new puppy. There are pics and video, but it's all raw footage in need of cleaning up - also postponed until this weekend.

This post will be replaced with an actual post very soon, probably on Saturday. Sorry for the lameness.