100th Post

I realize that much of this blog is silliness.

For every genuine spiritual post here there are two or three about talking M&Ms, giant robots, black pudding, or some other such nonsense. There are perhaps 10 or 12 posts in the entire hundred that actually "minister" to the reader.

Despite this, my regular readers know that I actually take the spiritual pursuits pretty seriously. The community that reads this blog embraces many diverse beliefs - off the top of my head I can think of 8 different paths that are practiced by members of the Flock. I believe that diversity to be a much more sure indicator of the robust health of this community than the number of posts.

Thanks are in order for all of you; through your comments here and posts on your own blogs you each help to keep the dialogue open, and bring this virtual tribe/sangha/parish/communion/circle/coven closer together. Bless you all.

Now - pray that the next 100 posts are better than these. I mean, do you really need to hear about nude cooking, the castration of my room mate's cat, or my lack of underwear again?

Go in Peace.

"Motivation is very important, and thus my simple religion is love, respect for others, honesty: teachings that cover not only religion but also the fields of politics, economics, business, science, law, medicine-everywhere. With proper motivation these can help humanity."
-His Holiness the Dalai Lama


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