The Big Boom

The Kilimanjaro is the baddest 'rang in my bag. It is much larger than the others, and it has two lead weights in each tip to give it extra range. The guy down in Gunnison who makes them rates it for 60+ yards, so that's about double most of my other 'rangs.

It's not the longest range stick around - the world record is something ridiculous like 238 meters - but for us mere mortals, 60 yards is pretty huge. It's amazing to throw something away from yourself just about as hard as you can and then watch it circle around and return to you.

Well, sort of 'to you'... OK, I admit, there is a bit of chasing that goes on with this 'rang. The longer the throw, the more room for error, right?

Even if you are in the right place when it comes down, you really have to think twice about trying to catch it. That the tips are double weighted with lead sounds like a fine idea as you are throwing it, but as it comes spinning back at you, sticking your hand in there starts to sound crazy. If you don't use good form, it will bite you like no other 'rang.

To be honest, it's not really the chasing or the catching I mind - it's the way my arm feels now. I got a little carried away this morning. After warming up with lighter 'rangs for 30 minuites or so, I went to the "Kill-a-mans-arm-o" and threw it for the rest of the session.

I know better. The last time we went to the field, I didn't even get it out. Scared of it. The day I bought it last year I took it out and threw it like 40 times; crippled me for nearly a week. Today for some reason, I felt super-human.

My first throw with it was a beauty; down the right side of the soccer field, around the goal, then back to a catch within 6 paces of the pin. That's how it tricks you... the first few throws are beautiful, but then as your arm gets tired you get tense and sloppy, and you have to work harder and harder to get it to come all the way back. You know that a perfect flight is possible - you just had one a few minutes before - but each throw seems to get less accurate, so you keep throwing. "Just one more," you say to yourself, "and then I'll quit." "One more good one, and I can call it a day." Right. You can handle it. You can quit any time you want...

My right arm feels like something dead hanging from my shoulder. I nearly cried when I tried to put on a clean shirt. I can't brush my hair or my teeth with that arm, and right now even moving the mouse is too much. I'm typing with one hand (this would have been posted hours ago if not for that). My fingers are tingling and my elbow is swollen. It's hard to describe, but my armpit feels like it's asleep... and you thought cold deodorant in the morning was unpleasant.

Despite all this, I plan to throw tomorrow. Well, I plan to throw leettle bitty baby 'rangs anyway. Who wants to join me? We can even wait until a more civilized time of day. Would making it 8:00 A.M. get the sleepyheaded out to join us? (We may have to go to another field though... damn soccer players.)


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