Post your best caption for the following photos. Those deemed funniest will receive fabulous prizes, including a "Get Out of Beatdown Free Card."

Some of my favorite entries so far are shown below...

#1 "What happens in the river...stays in the river." [Sloth]

#2 "And the world record for group masturbation was broken today..." [Sloth]

#3 "New from Barbie: The Countries America has Defeated in Battle Series. In this new line that your little Daughters of the Revolution are sure to enjoy, Barbie goes undercover as a British Redcoat, a Confederate Belle, a German Madame (pictured), a Nazi entertainer, a Vietnamese prostitute, and an Iraqi woman (burka included)." [NerdyGirl]

#4 "Look you dumb bitch, throw it this way, so we can paint hand prints on your tits..." [MJ]

#5 "I wonder when Snoop Dog is going to ask if we want to be on "Girls gone wild"?" [Drew]

#6 "I think I should have gotten the 'super absorbant'" [MJ]

Extra Credit ""God I am bored. Maybe we can get on the next Paris Hilton tape." [Drew]


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