Summer Blog Blockbusters

If your blog were a movie, what would it be?

"Escape from Mandyland"
Kurt Russell revives Snake Plissken for one last mission. He must slip into Mandyland and rescue the bloggers trapped amidst all the glittery pink and purple, before the bomb inside his body goes off...

Big Gay Jim's Big Gay Blog
"Priscilla, Queen of Laramie"
This camp remake of the drag queen classic features gorgeous costumes and a lavish production budget, despite being a one-man show. BGJ is fabulous as Mitzi, Felicia, and Bernadette, but less convincing as Bob...

Mount Olympus
"The Gods Must be Gay"
Zeus himself stars in this fairy tale that features a lot of fairy tail. "Nuff said.

NerdyGirl and Sloth team up to bring us
"The Truth about Cats and Sloths"
The girls swap identities to woo a potential suitor - wackiness ensues. (You two can argue about who gets to be the Janeane Garofalo character...)

And the Reverend's favorite;
The Hopeless Romantic
"Taxi Driver"
Clay is brilliant in this Salt Lake City remake with an LDS twist.
"Are you witnessing to me? Are you witnessing to me? I don't see anybody else here, so you must be witnessing to me."


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