The real reason I've gathered you all here...

The blogger must seek his own motivation. There is no editor pushing us to make a deadline, no professor holding our grades over our heads. We each come to the keys for our own reasons, and in our own time. It seems a noble form of writing; writing purely for the sake of communicating.

I have taken the last few days off after a 14-day string of daily posting. Those days off were busy ones, but the real reason was that I had reached a point where I didn't have anything much to say (and you could certainly argue that I never had much to start with). I simply had no reason to post. I have a few posts brewing as drafts, but nothing with sufficient legs to be posted yet. Again, that concept of nobility popped up, and I smugly congratulated myself for not contributing to the pollution of the blogisphere by just posting any old piece of crap. I decided I could go another day without posting.

I was fine with that resolution until I checked my Email, and got a cryptic message from a fellow blogger. It read, "Go check Sloth's links..."

I felt a very ignoble flush of pleasure as I guessed what I would find there. Upon arriving in Slothville, I found that the Furry One had indeed added me to the huge list of Smart Peeps. It instantly became clear to me - my motivation is not the noble, unselfish pursuit of pure writing. I am ashamed to admit that I am motivated by readership, and the larger the audience, the larger the rush. That link on Sloth's blog expands my potential audience a great deal, and I'll just come right out and say it: I coveted it. My prestense of nobility is no more real than the blood in pro wrestling. I'm a full-blown "link 'ho" and you've all been warned.


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