Darth Furious, take two
(here is take one for those who missed it)

Sorry about yesterday's lameass post - that whimpy do-gooder Linus was at the helm. This morning I regained control of MY body, and I'm now getting my plans for galactic dominance back on track.

That pussy little Shepherd model cybernetic body they designed for me isn't nearly large or powerful enough. I was thinking of something more like this...

The Imperial Galactic Throne of the GodPope

Check out the scale. Why, yes - that IS Jupiter in my right hand. Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! I'd mostly use this body for time/space warping, planet crushing, and the ocassional Genesis event, but it's also comfortable just hanging around the cosmos - you know, drinkin' 40s with my homies from the crab nebula, yo.

For planetary visits, parades in my honor, or incidents of Deus Ex Machina, I'd switch into this little number.

Code name: "Divine Intervention"

On this model, I think even the eyebrows have rocket launchers - or blades. Maybe both. Whatever. That ought to keep them in line out in the sticks...

Now, on to other business...

The Beatdown list, maintained by Sister Sloth is a fine idea as far as it goes, but what do you do when a beatdown isn't sufficient? Well, if you're the Black Pope, you EXCOMMUNICATE. Make sure to check out the art section; some disturbing stuff in there.

Now get back to work, all of you. Do you think that throne is gonna' build itself?


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