Black Vatican #9

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Reverend's Comments:
Ah, my beloved BCPs (say "bee-see-peas"). Like the Oleander, they are both beautiful and deadly, as they slink about the Black Vatican in their armored lingerie (please Jebus, let some hot fangirl decide to cosplay a BCP...)

You see, the funny thing about this is that, like you, I have yet to actually SEE the BCPs. We have brainstormed ideas, sent pics back and forth, discussed hair, body type, uniform colors, cape or no cape - and yet, only Flynn knows what they actually look like.

Of course, I've been seeing them in my mind's eye ever since that fateful day in August of 2004. Since then, the BCPs have never been far from the action here at the Papal apartments; they are the backbone of the messianic maelstrom that is the Ministry of Linus.

I hope you enjoy their debut on Monday.

Artist's Comments:
Sorry for the late post. The comic was done on time, but my travel was plagued with problems, one of which being the spotty availability of internet.

This comic was, for the most part, a snap to put together. I did have to redraw NGtU's character for different poses (and because we're working on it) which was interesting on my turbulence-ridden aircraft.

I would ordinarily make a comment here about how fighting turbulence was an artistic challenge; or how this comic is the second to have been completed at 30,000 feet (which is an achievement I think worthy of noting). However,
the story of the flight is far better...

But Linus, anal-retentive asshat that he is, won't let me tell you that story now.

Suffice it to say that it was a very special flight, and I hope the awkwardness of the distraction on the plane isn't apparent in the art. The whole story will be coming soon to a comic panel near you.


Nerdygirl said...

Have I mentioned yet how glad I am that our artist isn't an asshat, and how he actually wants us to be happy with how our characters look?

Cause I should, cause he does, and he's awesome. Turbulence be damned.

Squid said...

w00t! I so excited for the entrance of the BCPs, an amazing day for the Ministry will be Monday.

MightyMightyMax said...

Screw the BCPs, bring on the Spartan Boys ;)

Modig_Bjorn said...

Hey, I'm not even gay and I'm all for the Spartan Boys. It's possible to oggle them in a completely heterosexual way.

Isn't it? :(

Big Gay Jim said...

I totally agree with Max, leer laciviously at Modig, and wonder if Flynn is now a member of some strange artistic Papal mile high club.

Mayren said...

ok #1 - i doubt he's a real member of the mile high club be it papal or not however i'm sure the story is good. Kudos to HSBP for keeping a lid on it so as to use it in an actual strip.
*3 cheers for Flynn not being an asshat*

La Petite Fleur (AKA Tessa) said...

flynn - why don't you set up a blog for the purpose of not comic related stories - or just finish that comic website and give yourself sufficient rant space... just saying... =)

Raksha said...

Woo! Brace yourself people, here I come!

Flynn said...

Glad you like it :)

Didn't we already have Spartan Boys... Well, kinda anyway :P

I'll tell you a story some time ;)

Funny you should say that... Check back Monday... (you might even get that story)

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