Dark Days

It started politely enough; "When is the next comic going to be up?"

Then it became a bit more insistent; "Are you guys working on a new comic or what?"

Then they started to get pissy; "What the hell is the hold-up on the comic?"

Today, I opened my email to find; "I want a new comic - NOW!"

In this progression from interrogative to imperative, I have remained silent on the reason for the delay. I figured no one wanted hear the sad story of Flynn's woes, but I've decided to disclose a few things before the local readers show up at my door with torches and pitchforks.

If we back up a bit, we can see a trend of general suckiness in the life of my pet artist. Observe:

-Car rear-ended (totaled - and shafted by insurance company)
-Lost cushy IT job (long story, but I assure you, not his fault)
-Broke up with his girlfriend (she had to go, but still...)
-Scholastic burn-out (severe - Art History will do that to you)
-Finals from hell (he basically stopped sleeping for a week)
-House broken into (the fuckers stole his 360 and his PS2)

Bear in mind - this all transpired in the last 4 months!

Considering all of that, it is remarkable that there has been a comic at all. With this semester finally completed (I got an A in Performance Poetry!), we hope to return to a twice a week schedule, beginning next week. We also plan to create a backlog of story arc comics so that we have some breathing room when the next disaster strikes.

Until then, count your blessings. At least you're not Flynn...


Mayren said...

Wraps Flynn and the Flock in a BIG HUG!

You people who are being impatient should BE ASHAMED. I mean Flynn's a person too! If you cut Flynn does he not Bleed?? If you Beat Flynn doesn't he like it? And ask for more?
Come on people. Just because Flynn qualifies to be "Lex Luthor" doesn't mean you're allowed to make demands on his evil mastermindness.
All i'm saying is Give Flynn a chance. Can't we all get along with regular HSBP postings?

I mean sheesh May IS national Bike Month... go and flippin celebrate!

Unknown said...

That's funny. Last time I saw Flynn he seemed fine. Drunk, but fine.

OK. So he was trying to run away from a certain stalker girl at the bar, but besides that he was fine. Drunk, and fine.

Come to think of it, maybe he was going through a bit of a slump. He was taking a lot of shots. And then there was the yelling and the sobbing in the corner.

I just thought he was reacting to the shot of "mountain man" he had just taken. Oh, well. I'm sure he recovered, right?

Linus said...

It's only by staying on a strict regimen of recreational pharmaceuticals that he has made it this far...

Nerdygirl said...

[rooting through toy box]

Damnit, where did my short crop go? I told you Ward...I mean Linus, that we need to be more strict with the Beav...I mean Fred...I mean Piro...I mean Flynn.

What are the followers going to think if we don't all uphold our part in the great plan...oh fuck it. I'm just amazed he's getting out of bed, much less the house.

Big Gay Jim said...

Oh, he wasn't THAT bad. Just flirting with me. Well, offering to make out with me more properly. He did SAY it was to avoid the scary girl, but...OH SHIT! Someone call 911 right away. We need an inpatient facility where he can recover in safety. And Mayren...he doesn't bleed. He might leak cervo fluid, however...

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