A Worthy Racquet Sport

I talk a lot of smack about racquet sports. I used to be an avid racquetball player, with a sore elbow to show for it. After I rediscovered handball, however, I lost all interest in it. When you extend your reach by the length of a racquet, shots on your weak side (backhand) get easier, the back wall gets friendlier, and the court gets smaller. Not to mention the cost. I can buy 5 or 6 pairs of gloves for the cost of a decent racquet.

Tennis holds even less interest for me - I like the little skirts the girls wear, but the weird scoring, even weirder surfaces (seriously - clay? nothing more fun than clay in your sneakers), and the risk of more elbow pain make it something that I occasionally watch, not do.

This, however, is a racquet sport I might actually enjoy... keep in mind that this video is 1 minute, 7 seconds in length, and it's just one volley.

Top badminton pros hit the shuttlecock in excess of 200mph - double the speeed of the best tennis and racquetball strokes. More info can be found here.

UW has an active badminton club - during the academic year they play on Saturday mornings at Half-Acre gym. That would be perfect for me; it's another workout, and it doesn't conflict with our handball or volleyball schedule. Unfortunately, the gym is closed on the weekends during the summer, so they are meeting on Tuesday and Friday nights right now. I don't want to lose a day of handball, but I need alternative forms of exercise, so I'm going to check it out on the 18th.
So who's coming with me?


Raksha said...

Okay, this has nothing at all to do with this post (sorry, baby!), but I just thought I'd let you know:

Apparently, Mormons are the anti-ninjas.

Flynn said...

Mormons piss me off.
When they attack me I use my special move: up, up, down, left, Jewish guilt trip, up, up back.
Works every time
Then I finish them off with a dazzling display of vulgarity that usually requires them to find the nearest 'elder' and be cleansed.

Big Gay Jim said...

Wow. Religious indignation (or is it anti-religious indignation) and old school video game cheat codes in one post. His parallel universes are collapsing in on one another. We must use the particle collector and blast some anti-matter at the rift or the universe is doomed. Doomed I say! And damn yo...wicked fast birdies. We did a unit on badminton in high school. Today the only birds I can move at that speed involve my middle finger. Ever played pickle ball?

Mayren said...

ok suggestion... I your going to run all over the court for handball. then skip the racket and
go to Volleyball! seriously man. You've lived in Cali for a bit and surely you've volleyed the ball?

Big Gay Jim said...

Actually, we're on a volleyball team together. Our last game is in 30 minutes, and the tourney starts next week. Wish us luck!

Raksha said...

I'm back with another random link!

Guitar Hero Safety Guide.

Cuz I know some of you play it. Dorks.

Raksha said...


Best graph ever (from a post referencing Jay-Z).

Go here. Click "get directions" and get directions from NY,NY to Paris, France. Scroll down and read #23.

Cat macros are never not funny.

Someone on Snarkfest got this question on their art class test:

"Which artist created this work?

A. Michelangelo B. Raphael C. Leonardo D. Donatello E. Shredder"

You know what would be cool? If I could somehow get my own blog, so I wouldn't have to spam other people's blogs when I find a bunch of funny shit. I wonder how that works....

Linus said...

Your blog is still out there, silly... :)

Click here to see Raksha's defunct blog.

Mayren said...

Volleyball tourney - true or false here??

If true then How'd it go?

If false then .. why?

Raksha said...

I know it's still out there! I was joking!

Linus said...

It is true - Big Gay Jim and I are on a volleyball team. Our last regular season game, wich we lost very closely, was last night (I had to miss it due to work obligations) and the playoff tournament starts soon.

And by the way, I am terrible at it. Jim is a solid, dependable player - I, on the other hand, have moments of billiance, and then I step on the girl players and elbow them in the ribs...

I'll let you all know how the tournament goes. :)

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