Planning Ahead

The 2009 World Handball Championships are going to be held in Portland! You know what this means - ROADTRIP!

Put it on your calendars now - October 2-11, 2009. I'm sure there will be a detour to see Nerdygirl the Unbeliever in Seattle, as well as a stay at the summer condo of my mother, the distinguished and terrifying Dr. Callahan... don't worry, she won't be there at that time of year.

Also - The United States Handball Association’s 4-Wall National Championships are going on right now (May 2-6). They are being webcast live from the University of Minnesota Campus - to see the best players in the country battle for the biggest prize of the year click here.
Paul Brady just won the singles in a very convincing fashion...


Squid said...

Oh! I am so there!!! K, key things have to work on between now and then. No flailing into walls, always keep feet on ground, get out of the playing field once I have hit the ball! Once I have these down I might stand a chance.

Linus said...

No worries - you are improving every time you play!

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