Mods and Addiction

Don't get your panties in a twist - Flynn says the Thursday comic is on the way. Should be up this evening.

I know no one cares but me, but the WOB - or "stealth cycle" if you prefer - has undergone some modifications. To correct a little ticking sound in the front wheel, I had the guys at The Pedal House shorten the bolt that holds the front fender; it was just barely making contact with a couple of the spokes as the wheel turned - super irritating. This, along with some statements I made about how ugly mountain bikes are ("It looks like the landing gear of a friggin' airplane mated with a backpack...") firmly solidified me in the minds of the employees there as a perfectionist and classic bike nazi.

I also had them add a rear rack, as shown below.

I couldn't find my bungees last night - probably fed to the ravenous maw that was my last break-up - so I had to ride in with my bag slung over my shoulder messenger style again, which I hate. I did, however, really enjoy the almost completely silent performance of this old machine. Soon it will be slightly warmer and a bit less windy, and I will take it for a bit more extended ride.

(UPDATE: I gave up the bungee search this evening, and went to the Evil Empire (WalMart) and purchased this bungee net thingy...)

I promised myself that I would never again be the bike-obsessed, 300-mile-a-week freak I was back in the late 80s, but I do feel the pull of it. Getting to your destination under your own power is something that too few of us experience these days. With gas pushing $3 a gallon, it's a feeling that I will be experiencing much more frequently.


Mayren said...

awww. the ravenous Maw sounds like it has been fed far too many useful things from the lair... Please keep the comics safe so they don't drift into that discombobulated black hole as well

His Sinfulness said...

Someday, Mayren, if you are a very good girl, I will tell you harrowing tales of my breakups.

The one where I narrowly escaped the clutches of the "Psycho-Hosebeast"...

The time when the "Klingon Warpig" put an incredibly painful 90 degree bend in the middle of "the little pontiff"...

And, the sordid story of "She Who Shall Not Be Named."

Flynn said...

Don't worry Mayren, the comics are safe. I swear I'll defend them with Linus' life, er, yeah.

As for Thursday's, it'll be up on Friday. Sorry for the delay, but I had some technical problems, which I will describe in painful ultra-nerd detail tomorrow - it'll be fun.

On the up side, this week will boast two - count'em TWO - color story comics!

And now...

Mayren said...

His Sinfulness -
OMG you said "Psycho Hosebeast" i completely ganked that phrase from the movies a long time ago and have been using that label with certain other females i am no longer friends with.

"the little pontiff" should be treated with more Respect.

I think i'm most interested in the story of she-who-shall-not-be-named. Probably because I'm a Harry Potter junkie and I need a fix badly.

YAY! Tech-Man to the Rescue!!!
He's my third favorite future action-figure!
He needs hold the book: "Art of Throwing Your Friends Under a Bus".

His Sinfulness said...

She Who Shall Not Be Named is a terrifying creature - if you say her name while looking in a mirror, she appears and guts you with a hook...

The little pontiff appreciates your concern. He made a complete recovery, with just a tiny touch of PTSD as a reminder of his ordeal.

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