In The Meantime

(While we wait for the next comic, we have another site that everyone should bookmark. If you don't need it now, you are probably too young to be here. Hopefully you'll need it someday...)

In our never-ending quest to provide opportunities for repentance and absolution to the Flock, we employ an army of field operatives who scour the internet for sites that provide the kind of succor and solace for which the Black Vatican is famous. One such operative is Max - and today's helpful site was his find.

Click HERE

reVirginizer can help assuage the guilt you feel about your first time - or, at least give you a chance to choose a car with a larger back seat. You CAN start over! Remember, reVirginizer is Pope Tested, Ministry Approved.

Flynn, they even have a special section for Canadians...


Mayren said...

ya your Pontiff-ness but did you also remember to reccommed the site to Flynn based on it's new categories for not only Canadians, but also Brides, College Students, and Tramps??? I mean how will some of the Black Parishoners choose just ONE category.

i know I can't *giggle*

Mark Travis said...

This reminds me of this one time when I gave myself to Jesus, and then he never called.


His Sinfulness said...

"I know Jesus loves me, but that's not how I roll..."

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