Black Vatican #7

Artist Comments:
The comic is a day late this time around because of some technical trouble.
Many of you know that the majority of the comic is done on my tablet PC with it's stylus. It's really handy to be able to simply draw directly into Photoshop; unfortunately, it's no wacom tablet.
In order for the line thickness to respond to the pressure I put on the tablet, I need drivers from wacom. Windows, on the other hand, thought it knew best and began replacing my custom drivers with it's own during what I discovered was the last automatic update. I spent most of the day uninstalling devices, deleting incorrect system drivers, and then manually loading my custom device drives until I eventually found the correct order of installation to get things going again. Once I got the stylus pressure back I had to force Photoshop to recognize that it was pressure sensitive - it's only designed to work with actual wacom devices. That took a good deal of time as well - it seems that Photoshop CS2 and CS3 have built in pressure sensors but they got scrambled. So Photoshop knew that I was pushing harder, it just didn't change the line, it changed the opacity or color instead. Very frustrating, but I eventually got it sorted out - only to discover that each brush in Photoshop contains it's own pressure settings that determine how it functions with the tablet. Once I got those reset it took about two more hours of drawing to get the comic finished.

Now then, enjoy!
Next week we will resume the single color / single frame update schedule.
Flynn out.

Reverend's Comments:
I, like many of you, didn't understand most of that; I'm just glad we got the comic up without Flynn's head exploding. It was a near thing - at one point, the messages he was sending me held more expletives than intelligible content.

As for the many uses of apple butter, I stand by my position - in a pinch, it makes a dandy short-term lubricant.


Drew said...

Looks great! Though I need to get in touch with whomever is in control of the Black Vatican complexes d├ęcor. Earth tones are nice but I feel that the Black Vatican needs more modern and edgy colors, maybe a blood (from a screaming child) red.

Dr. Smith said...

I'm lovin the comic. I have an interresting idea I'd love to share for an issue of the black vatican.

His Sinfulness said...

dr. smith,

I am always willing to hear any suggestions from the Flock - drop me an email with your idea.

Mark Travis said...

why did you have to ruin apple butter for me, huh?

Why?,... why do you hate freedom?

Raksha said...

Mark: Maybe it's not freedom that he hates. Maybe it's just America.

I think it's the Abba that makes it art. I really appreciate such attention to detail!

MightyMightyMax said...

I would've emailed this to you, but I don't have your address. So, now you can shut-up -

Mayren said...

good one. Kinda like how Dexter tried to keep his lab a secret from DeeDee.... ya know worse than Apple Butter will happen to the secret lab if it's found.

Side note:
I love Apple Butter on Toast.
I had forgotten about it. My favorite brand is BAMA.
I have to go find some, but it's hard in So.Cal.

His Sinfulness said...

I love apple butter on toast too. I found this recipe to make my own...

Mayren said...

Thanks for the recipe link.

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