The Tiggler

Every girl needs a Tiggler... or, more accurately, a friend who has one.

This fuzzy vibrating tongue jewelry is designed for exactly what you imagine... and it does it for up to an hour on a fresh battery. Body Punks sells them in a plethora of colors

as well as basic surgical steel.

The fuzzy Tiggler retails for about $28.00 - the bare steel model is around $17.00 - in finer piercing salons and fetish shops across the country.

Of course, our free enterprise system has already built a better mousetrap... The good people at Painful Pleasures bring us The Satisfier. It is also vibrating tongue jewelry, but its makers are quick to point out that it is 43% smaller than the Tiggler, is powered by a more commonly available watch battery, and also boasts an easier to use on/off switch.

It's a bit early for Christimas shopping, but I think this is the perfect gift for the BCP who has everything.

In completely unrelated news... please, everyone give a warm welcome to Kyle, the Dark Saint of Gin. He's new to the Blessed Blogs, so everyone should bombard his page with the inane comments for which the Flock is famous...


patrick said...

I love the tiggler .... i got mine at is that advertising ..sorry

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