Special Lightning Bonus Round - Results!

OK, fine! So it has taken me a long time to post the results of this stinking contest, but I'm a busy pontiff. Honorable mentions go to Ryan for having the guts to be first, Laura for entering the contest without knowing any of the Flock, Squid for her story of the mean streets of gangland Laramie, and Big Gay Jim for a cautionary tale of homosexual reprogramming. You will all receive some lovely parting gifts...

Despite bitching to me both in comments and in person, I have chosen Zeus as our whiner - I mean "winner." His tale of Anthropolgy gone awry was both funny and clever, something which is all too rare in this day and age. Here it is...

Our subject, we will call it Man.

We begin following this Man as he learns to associate with his birth FLOCK unit.

One morning the FLOCK got into some of our instruments. OOH Shiney.

We tried to chase them away, but learn FLOCKs are easily agitated.

Eventually man sets out on his own.

After brief loneliness, man bands with his own harem to establish a FLOCK. We call this FLOCKING.

Man, proudly displays his progeny. The circle of life is complete.


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