New 'Rangs!!

I got a call from Kendall Davis yesterday... he has some new paint schemes, and some new 'rang designs as well!

We'll be putting together another order in the next few weeks, so start thinking about what you want, and how you want it painted. Just looking at these pics, I can tell that I "need" at least 6 more myself. I guess it's time to buy a bigger bag...

By ordering together, we get free shipping, and if the order is large enough, Kendall usually cuts us a discount, or gives us free stuff. This is a chance for all you newbies to get your own 'rangs, and stop pilfering sticks from Travis and me every Sunday... If you have questions about what to get as a first 'rang, drop me a line and I'll make some suggestions for you.

In related news, Kendall has consented to make me an even bigger 'rang than our treasured and venerable Club Boomerang! (In that second link, scroll to the bottom for a picture of the Club 'Rang and a fairly mangey group of early morning throwers.)

Catching the Club 'Rang is like trying to catch a piece of lumber that flew off of a passing truck. As it spins down overhead I always think, "This is what a blade of grass feels like as the mower gets closer." So, naturally, I want something bigger! This new monster will be 60 inches from tip to tip - or about as tall as the NerdyGirl. Should be REALLY fun to throw!

Rumor has it that Kendall is also making a special lefty 'rang for NerdyGirl. I'm pretty excited (and envious) about that as well...

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