Caption Contest, Part Deux

Good job on Part I - so good in fact, that everyone who submitted a caption gets an official Black Papal Absolution, and the home version of the Ministry game!

The winners of this round will receive a full beatification from the Dark Pontiff, and a years supply of Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treat! (If you're not sure what a beatification is, ask Tessa. If you're not sure what a San Francisco treat is, ask Jim...)

#1 Rachel is told she's gonna live in a special home. (Clay)

#2 "Mmm....boobies!" (Big Gay Jim)

#3 "Brittany the Wookie Slayer (Buffy's not-so-famous second cousin)." (Big Gay Jim)

#4 The dance of the dark chef and his hot sauce queen. (Rachelangela)

#5 "And we wonder why the downstairs neighbors hate us." (Pink Princess)

#6 "mmmmm human girl, my favorite..." (Gin Saint)

#7 "I am Olga, but a poor peasant from Sweden. I sell chocolate and wristwatches." (Ryan)

#8 And lo, the Lord sayeth, "Code as you would have others code. And open source shall make you righteous." (Rachelangela)

#9 "Nope. Nothing under it. Wanna make something of it?" (Big Gay Jim)

#10 "Look at my shiny new Death Ray!" (Big Gay Jim)

#11 "Shhh.. here we find the female boozehound in her natrual environment." (Zeus)

Don't forget to tune in next time for our Bonus Lightning Round entitled, "The Many Faces of Friar Mark"!


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