Special Lightning Bonus Round!!

The Caption Contest Part Deux was a great success - see the results here. (Number 8 was my personal favorite.)

Big Gay Jim was the big gay winner with four captions; your beatification (including certificate suitable for framing) is in the mail big guy.

We now enter the lightning bonus round!!
With these captions, I am looking for a theme. I'll be judging your entries as a series - your captions must link at least four of the following pics together in some way. Feel free to put the pics in any order you wish. The winner will be credited with a minor miracle and receive a year's supply of Turtle Wax!








Also: Welcome "The Leash" to the Sacred Blogs - feel free to deluge Ryan with stupid questions.


Sirus Kane said...

For #6

Show me on the doll where to touch you.

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