The Flock Caption Contest, Part I

UPDATE - I have posted the best of the entries so far. This doesn't mean that I'm not open to other fabulous captions, so feel free to offer more. I'll be posting Part Deux on Friday.

You know the drill - post your captions in the comments window. Winner gets a free Absolution from the Black Pope Himself. Don't be disappointed if your pic is not here - Part II will be posted next week...

Abra: " you put the lime in the coconut and you drink it all up. See?"
Ryan: "...Huh." (Raksha)

"Pepsi - trying unsuccessfully to slide a good product placement ad into the Flock." (Mandy)

"Abra begins cross stitching the perfect accessory for her pink knit dildo cozy." (Raksha)

"There is no Jim... only Zuel." (Mandy)

"Christin's one and only attempt at being a fluffy, happy cheerleader." (Mandy)

"Master's degree? Oh no. That's going to be MISTRESS Raksha to you, slave." (Jim)

"I see gay people..." (Mark)

"Fine, YOU are the batman, now will you help me down?" (Zeus)

"Sal's failed attempt to break into the bondage scene." (Raksha)


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