Margarita Friday

The flavor for the day is Strawberry!
We will be hitting the blender as soon as possible - maybe even before...

I have a new uniform idea for the BCPs...

Now I realize that some of you are going to balk at this, saying that you don't have the body to pull it off, but you're looking at it all wrong.

First of all, this would be a dress uniform, so you would only have to wear this on special occassions. Secondly, if you are ALL wearing it then the sum of all that bare flesh will be so dazzling to the observer that any critical thoughts will be washed away by gratitude. Finally, the Black Pope is working on a papal bull that will make it a sin to snicker at BCPs in uniform. The punishment of such offenders shall be left to the BCPs themselves - that alone should be enough to get the more sadistic among you to embrace this...

Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith, opens publicly in midnight showings on May 19th. Of course, if you have the time and money, you can see it the 16th in London, at Leicester Square cinema. If you were willing to pay $500 per ticket, you could have seen it yesterday in 10 major cities across the U.S. The proceeds from those sneak preview shows will go to charity (details).

I think we should assemble a papal delegation and see this piece of cinematic history as a group. Opening night will probably be a bit too dorky and crowded for me, but maybe the next day... who's with me?


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