Travel Update

The forces that oppose us are hard at work. They have chosen this time of diaspora to attack the Flock, using powerful weather magicks...

Raksha left yesterday morning, and as predicted in the third chapter of the Book of Instigations, there was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth....

She called today to let us know that she is stuck in the thriving metropolis of Livingston, Montana, due to snow and high winds. She will resume her trip to Idaho tomorrow, weather permitting. I checked with the Ministry's official Seer about the rest of the trip; she says that once the weather lets up it's smooth sailing from then on.

Rachel left yesterday evening for her parent's house in Colorado with a pickup-truckload of books and furniture, amidst rain and gusty winds. Using a tarp blessed by the Black Pope himself, she was able to complete the trip with relatively dry belongings. She will be back this evening to load up again; her move should be complete by the 15th.

More updates to follow.


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