A Night of Surfing

Taking a breather tonight. I didn't do anything even remotely academic. I did however find this guy...

Yeah. And so that lead to the woman with heart-shaped nipples... (Scroll down to the second pic - those are tattoos. Ouch.)

Which naturally brought me to this lovely painting of a cute little dead girl.

The obvious thing to do at that point was to play chess. Obviously. So I located this groovy chess program where the computer considers it's moves visually. It also shows the field of influence for each piece on the board as wavy ripples around the pieces. Very cool.

I caught up on my webcomics next. I have a few new ones for you...

Clan of the Cats is a serial with spooky subject matter. It's kind of like Mary Worth meets Charmed, with a dash of Buffy for good measure. I know what you're thinking - "Oh, Hell! Not ANOTHER neo-pagan/lycanthrope/necromancy/vampire/love story comic!"

Aikida is this incredibly hot half Irish, half Japanese girl. Oh and she's a demon. Sometimes.

Sandra, the main character of Zebra Girl is a demon also, but all the time.

Toy Division is nearly the most fucked up webcomic I've ever loved. Join Pepsi Von Hellswine and friends for some good old-fashioned leather fetish, sadism, and child rearing. (That I know of this is at all is Clay's fault.)

Sometimes a writer is able to encapsulate the whole experience of reading a webcomic in a well-crafted tagline. Ghastly's Ghastly Comic has such a tagline: "Tentacle Monsters and the Women Who Love Them."

the Doctor Pepper Show is a bit different. I'll let the creator, Rachel Smythe, tell you about it. "This is a comic set in a world where evil doctors rule, girls wear frilly underpants and people use their manners. *May I please blow your f**king head off?* This comic features Gothic Dandys, EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolitas) and medical fetish fashion."

And that means it's about time for me to head home...


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