Sunday Sermon

I had a good topic for this week. It was a gentle, sweet message, but delivered with enough toughness and profanity to fit my idiom really well. You know, that whole 'Reverend Linus, the thug with a heart of gold' schtick. It was gonna' be great; ya'll would have loved it.

But now, after the past few days, I'm just too tired. I don't have the energy to work up a full-fledged, pulpit-pounding bout of righteousness, and there is nothing worse than half-hearted evangelism. So instead, I just have a suggestion - no, a request.

Be nice to everyone, 'kay? They may not deserve it, or need it, or even want it, but try, please. And forget who started it; I'm so tired of counting coup.

That's all. Sorry to let the flock down like this, but you'll all manage, I'm sure.

Go in peace.


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