Harbingers of Spring

The weather is warming. We all know that a 3 foot dump of snow is quite likely at any moment, but for now, the only thing that matters is that the temperature inched up over 50 degrees for a bit today. For Laramie, the Siberia of the Americas, that is Spring. I saw skirts and shorts all over campus, and it was good.

Don't be shy, ladies. Don't cover them with tights, or spend time on the fake bake couch. Those first glimpses of naked,white legs are a special harbinger of better days ahead. The tiny brunette in the denim mini feeding the meter in front of Hoyt, the blond in shorts coming out of Engineering, my roomie in a short skirt and leather boots, and (Allah be praised!) the women's cross country team running by the shuttle lot - all are like early-blooming flowers to me. Spring may not really be here yet, but it is just around the corner. Soon, I won't be the only one with bare legs on campus everyday...


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