Nothing Special...

Two groups of monks were travelling with their masters on pilgrimage. They met near sundown on opposite sides of a narrow, but swift-running river. The bridge had been washed away by heavy rains, so the two groups decided to camp for the night, then head downstream at dawn in search of a safe ford. After the fires were built and the rice was boiling, two of the monks began to visit across the chasm. When the introductions were done, they began to discuss their masters.

"Do you follow a true master?" asked the younger monk, who studied with Master Ling Po.
"Yes, I guess I do. Is your master enlightened also?" asked the older monk, who studied with Master Wu Chou.
"Oh yes! Master Ling Po does amazing things!" exclaimed the youth. "When he is in deep meditation, he levitates off his cushions. He can speak with animals, and command fire from his fingertips. Everyday, he recites 100 sutras and does 1000 prostrations before the Buddha. He is a great holy man, and I am lucky to learn from him." Realizing that this outburst about his master might seem rude, the young monk asked, "What does your master do?"
"Wu Chou? Nothing special, really. He eats when he is hungry, and sleeps when he is tired," said the older monk.
"That's it?"

The youth was puzzled. He went to his master, who was doing zazen on a rock some distance away from the water.

"What troubles you?" his master asked.
"The monks across the river are mislead."
"How are they mislead?"
"They follow a false master. Wu Chou is a fake."
"How is he false?
"He is nothing special. He eats when hungry, and sleeps when tired."

Immediately, Ling Po sprang to his feet. "Get my cloak, and find my hat. Tell the others that we must press on tonight," he said, as he began to repack his travelling bag.
"But Master, where are we going?" the young monk asked.
"Downstream to find a shallow ford. We must cross and speak to this Wu Chou at once - he is a true master."