Questions of Faith, Revisited

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Way back in 2004, we started a series of posts wherein guest bloggers from different faith traditions answered 12 questions about their particular path. It was a big hit, and drew tons of comments - all of which have since expired because HaloScan sucks.

At any rate, it seemed like an opportune time to update this idea. If your faith is not represented below, feel free to send me an email with your answers to the 12 questions (linked below) - after all, who doesn't want to be a guest blogger on the Ministry?

If you were one of the original posters, feel free to chime in with updates. Perhaps you have deepened your understanding of your faith, moved on to another practice, or decided that religion is silly and now you worship chocolate and Heath Ledger - whatever your situation, feel free to add your comments.

Questions of Faith, Index

This index will be updated as needed; for the sake of posterity, the hard copies will be lovingly cared for by the BCPs, and kept in a mayonnaise jar behind the books in this alcove

in the Black Pope's Study.

Part I, The Path of the Druids by Zeus
Part II, Catholicism with a small c by Mark
Part II.V, Mark's Catholicism continued
Part III, The Baha'i Faith by Rachel
Part IV, A more catechismal Catholicism, by Tessa
Part V, Curanderismo, by Jim
Part VI, The Latter Day Saints (LDS for short), by Clay
Part VI.V, LDS continued
Part VII, Wicca, by Mandy
Part VIII, Buddhism, by the Reverend
Part IX, Islam, as seen by Wahab
Part IX.V, Wahab's Islam continued
Part X, Another view of Islam, by Ayesha
Part XI, Germanic Reconstructionist Paganism, by Christin

If you would like to add your faith to our little survey of world religions, check out the original list of questions here. The Ministry welcomes all faiths! If you are a Jew, Hindu, Jain, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah's Witness, Quaker, Mennonite, Peyotist, Metheist, Satanist - or anything else - please drop me an Email at the address listed in my profile.

Go in Peace.


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