Questions of Faith, Part II.V

(Mark had longer responses to our questions than would fit in the comment window, so this post is a continuation of that discussion.)


Thanks for the comments and questions.

To reply to Zeus, bigotry is the same no matter where it is
encountered. When I encounter it I am usuaully filled with sadness
and anger, not because of that person or those people but rather
because of the ignorance that is found there. And I deal with it like
I deal with anything fear-based, I "smile upon it as if to wash a
stain from their mind" (from a poem of mine). And I do this more to
give myself peace and release from the fear that they hold that is so
potent. Most things I do, I do for personal peace.

And for Linus' question about the trinity... the trinity is found
everywhere that a dualistic nature cannot be applied. For example,
black and white, male/female, big/tall, etc... are all things
associated with what I call "the worldly realm", and the worldly realm
has one great property: all is neutral. Meaning, that a chair is
neither good nor bad until you apply a value upon it. But as for the
trinity, all truth is tunneled through that paradox.

Traditionally, it is named as the father, the son, and the holy
spirit. But that naming was more applicable when people understood
the symbolism behind said names. Since then they have been perverted to not mean anything at all. I see them as the seed, the fruit, and the life... the mind, body, and soul... the I AM, the I EXPERIENCE, and the I BEING...

It can best be understood as a learning experience. The father is the
knowledge or the I AM, the son (us) is the experience or testing of
said knowledge (because experience speaks more deeply to our soul than words can ever do), and then the holy spirit is the state of being, nirvana, and heaven that comes from knowing it and then experiencing it. The holy spirit is said to give wisdom, and wisdom comes from experience.

So the trinity is truly "catholic" or universal and applicable to anything.

Peace to all...


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