Why does everyone in our little corner of the blogiverse avoid Trackback? Over the past week, there were 4 or 5 posts that I wanted to use it on, but only two of the blogs in question were Trackback enabled. Who declared Trackback the red-headed step-child of Comments?

I'll admit that it isn't the easiest feature to use, but after taking a few minutes to read the instructions, I was able to properly ping a couple posts. I even figured out how to ping my own blog so the Trackback link goes both ways. If even I - a technopeasant who received his computer training on Apple IIs during the Reagan years - can do this, then you Gen X and Gen Y slackers should be able to handle it with ease. It would help knit our little blogosphere more tightly together, and help readers to locate like-minded posts more easily. After all, isn't communication the whole point of this exercise?

If you don't have Trackback, you can get it here.


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