For Sloth
"The Ice Cream Rule"

When I first started throwing 'rangs, I noticed that each one I bought had the same lame-ass disclaimer on it;

"Always wear eye protection when throwing boomerangs."

My 'ranging buddies and I all thought that was incredibly silly. How could you be so lame as to hit yourself in the eye with a boomerang, or even let yourself get hit? We figured that one dumb kid had lost an eye and successfully sued a boomerang maker, hence the label. Being rebels and self-determinists, we decided that this rule would not apply to us. In its place, we institued;

The Ice Cream Rule

"Any 'ranger who is accidentally struck in the eye by a boomerang, regardless of the identity of the thrower, must purchase ice cream (or a suitable cool and creamy substitue) for every 'ranger present."
(We had to add the word "accidentally" in the wake of the terrible "Boomerang Massacre" of '03.)

So you see, dear Sloth, it is perfectly safe to throw with us - and if it isn't, at least we have dessert.

Incidentally, we are throwing again on Saturday. 07:00 hours, soccer fields by the teepee. Everyone is invited!


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