A Dream

I had a dream...
Yah, tell me about your dream.
Well, I was in a boat, and the boat was floating on some slimy black stuff that was definitely not water...
and occassionally a dark green tentacle would rise out of the slimy black stuff that was definitely not water...
You've been reading Lovecraft again?
No - the tentacle was wrapped around a spoon, and it fed me what was on the spoon, and it tasted like Cream O'Wheat, and I ate a lot of it.
You have taste in your dreams? That's freaking awesome.
Yeah - it had raisins in it, too.
Okay, so some sea-like creature is taking care of you by feeding you rice pudding. Right?
NO - Cream O'Wheat. Anyway, this went on for a bit, and then I was full so I tried to duck the spoon, and other tentacles came out and held me in place, and it force fed me more Cream O'Wheat.  Then I woke up.
So it's not just taking care of you, but forcefully taking care of you?
Actually, I thought it was fattening me up for some tentacle-monster BBQ... he and the other monsters get together at someone's lagoon, put some brews on ice, put the game on the big-screen, toss a reverend on the grill; very festive.


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