I throw boomerangs. They are the oldest man-made flying machine. There is something amazing about watching them spin through the air, almost as if they are alive. Their circular flight is a reminder of the path we all take in life, journeying forth but ending up right back at our source. The search for the perfect throw is not unlike our quest for enlightenment and happiness. They are an excellent way to connect with the body, and focus the mind.

I began to throw booms as an adjunct to flying kites. When the wind is low or nonexistent, you can get out your ultra fragile, expensive, designed for indoor use, SUL (super ultra-light) kites, or you can just throw a boomerang until the wind picks up. I opted for throwing a $21.95 E-Rang over possibly wrecking my $425 custom Vapor.

It turns out that 'ranging is a great sport unto itself. I have spent hours at the soccer fields here in Laramie, throwing until my right arm was throbbing and useless. I now have 'rangs with ranges from 5 yards all the way up to 60+ yards (if my shoulder can handle it...). My collection includes 'rangs with 2, 3, and 4 blades; some are for dead calm, and some can handle winds up to 8-10 mph. You can throw for accuracy, speed, trick catches, or maximum time aloft. 'Ranging is an international sport, with talk of olympic status in the near future. You can take it easy and just have fun with it, or you can turn it into a cardiovascular workout that makes the stairmaster look lame by comparison. It also helps the more "city-fied" among us to cultivate a connection with nature, as you must be sensitive to the wind as you set up each throw.

Below, I have listed some 'rang pages to whet your appetites.

Master Designs 'Rangs
Colorado 'Rangs
Flying Frog 'Rangs
Gel 'Rangs
MX 'Rangs
United States Boomerang Association
Art 'Rangs
more Art 'Rangs

I have 'rangs from several of these makers, and Master Designs, Colorado 'Rangs, and Gel 'Rangs all make excellent beginner 'rangs.

I would love to have some throwing buddies. This is an open invitation - if you'd like to try your hand at 'rangs (or would just enjoy watching me be foolish on a soccer field)  let me know.  For a little bit of effort, you will get many happy returns!

(That's a boomerang joke... see, it's funny 'cuz boomerangs come back...) 


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