Blog Identity

While commenting on another blog, I entered the address of my blog incorrectly. I put in just Linus, not Linus_Furious. I generally check any link I put up, because I am a technopeasant and it takes three or four tries to get it right. When I checked this one, it lead me to another Linus. I was struck with an odd excitement. Those of you who have more common names might be familiar with the strange moment of meeting a namesake, but for me it's pretty novel. Even my given name is rare; although I have met numerous female Robins (or Robyns or Robbins), I've never encountered a male one.

At any rate, I got excited and decided to go to the beginning of this Linus blog and read it all. (Don't take my posting of the link as an indication that you should do the same. Just read a few posts to get the feel - I don't want to ruin the holiday for anyone.)

Shouldn't have gotten my hopes up. Thankfully it was brief, but I subjected myself to it all. He hasn't posted since 2001 - that final post makes me wonder if he killed himself or something.

That sad possibility aside, the real irritant in this is that here is the blog address I truly wanted, misused and then forgotten. The blogiverse is so perverse sometimes...


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