Throwing with Queers

This morning at 7:00 we met at the soccer field and threw boomerangs. It's great having people to throw with again, but it is a bit different with queers. The friendly jibes that I am used to trading with other 'rangers take on new meaning...

"That is totally catchable, Abra...['rang hits the ground] you pussy."

"I know it's hard for you, but try a little LESS wrist action, Travis."

And my personal favorite, "You throw like a little girl...", got them both laughing.

Despite this silliness, we had a blast. Travis showed an aptitude for 'rangs - he had two solid catches, including a very nice one on his last throw. Believe me folks, that is pretty incredible for your first day out - I mean, first day catching... OH, you know what I mean!

Abra was handicapped by her sinister leanings (I mean she's left-handed). Being right-handed myself, I have only one 'rang in my collection that goes both ways - I mean, that can switch...(sigh) At any rate, Abra did have a credible near-catch - not bad for a person whose childhood did not include sports of any kind.

Travis gets the nod for funniest moment of the morning, when he threw an art 'rang shaped like a cat. Not being familiar with pussy, Travis gave it too much angle, and it flew high then dove at the ground. It ended up with the head of the kitty stuck in the ground, tail and rear legs in the air. All agreed that a digital camera would have been an asset at that moment.

I think there is a movement afoot to get together and throw again soon. Anyone else wanna' play?


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