Spring has come again
The snow has finally stopped
The crescent moon and
Leafless trees look
Thinner than before
At night I push my window open
And gaze into space
Beyond my pillared eaves
Spreads a sky of stars.

- Han-shan Te-ch’ing (1546-1623)

Has the snow really stopped? I am enjoying the weather, but I am not convinced. Let me remind everyone - it snowed last year during Finals week!

A Wyoming native told me last year that when it snows in May you have to ask yourself if it is a late snow, or just a really early one... We never really put our coats away around here. The blanket that you keep in the trunk may as well just stay there. It's sort of meterological Boy Scout-ism; "Be Prepared" is not just a good idea - it's mandatory.

I'm sure that the old Zen masters would think that "Be Prepared" is an excellent way to live.
Be prepared to experience every moment as it comes.
Be prepared to take your shoes off and feel the grass.
Be prepared to give of yourself fully.
Be prepared to get some sun.
Be prepared to meet adversity with compassion.
Be prepared to walk in the rain.
Be prepared to render aid.
Be prepared for it to snow.
Be prepared to see the Buddha Nature in yourself and others.


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