More Movies
Alright, certain members of the Flock were not sufficiently challenged by my first list...

Army of Darkness ("First you wanna' kill me, now you wanna' kiss me. Blow.")

The Big Lebowski ("Nihilists...say what you will about the National Socialist Party, but at least it's an ethos.")

Fargo ("He was funny lookin'. More so than most.")

Bad Taste ("I'm a Derek - and Dereks don't run.")

Tommy Boy ("He's a big dumb animal, isn't he folks?")

Metropolis (No quote - I'm talking about the original. It's silent.)

Phantom of Paradise (Good luck finding this one at the video store...)

Excalibur ("Behold - the Sword of Power!")

Barbarella (See where Duran Duran got their name...)

Labyrinth (David Bowie at his androgenous best...)

Dark City ("Sleep. Sleep NOW.")

The Name of the Rose ("We are not here to debate whether Christ was poor - but rather, if the Church should be.")

The Last Star Fighter (Who says playing video games never pays off?)

Dangerous Beauty ("Just because you can say it in Latin, doesn't mean it's not obscene.")

Outlaw Josie Wales ("I got a piece of rock candy, but it ain't fer eatin' - it's fer lookin' through.")

Tombstone ("Yes darlin', you're a good woman. Then again, you might be the anti-christ.")

Heathers ("I love my dead gay son!")

Idle Hands ("This voice said, "Walk into the light..." Dude, it was just too far.")

Lost Boys ("People are strange, when you're a stranger...")

Purple Rain (I like Prince. Deal with it.)

Liquid Sky ("This pussy has teeth.")

Quadrophenia (Worth it just for the soundtrack by The Who...)

Clockwork Orange ("And what do you have to play your 'Fuzzy Warbles' on? Pitiful, portable, picnic player? Come with Uncle, and you shall hear demon trombones, and angel coronets. You are invited.")

Iron Monkey (but for god's sake, don't rent the sequel...)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ("Fine, then. Not Sisters. Not friends.")

American Werewolf in London ("Do us all a favor - kill yourself.")

There - that oughta' hold you for a while...


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