Sunday Sermon and New Poll

Sometimes our sight becomes occluded, our field of vision too narrow, the colors too muted. We need a reset, to clear our lens. I was lucky to get such recalibration this weekend.

Yesterday I stayed up way too late, having an epic conversation with a friend who is going away to another country shortly. She has come into the Flockhall inner circle far too late in her stay in Black Vatican City, and is departing far too soon, but it is good to have her here while we can.

The conversation ranged far and wide, over music and movies and higher education and writing and sex and relationships and travel and evolution and a dozen other things. There was no course to it - we wandered from topic to topic, seemingly pushed by the winds blowing in our sleep-deprived minds. Yet, together we found our way to the punchlines and confessions and realizations with the jerky sureness of a verbal Ouija board. We neither pushed nor pulled, and still the conversation pointed to facts beyond the ken of either of us alone.

It was dawn when we reluctantly agreed that sleep was imperative. She took her leave, and I stumbled to bed, aware that something very positive had just happened, but too tired to process it. I slept most of this day away, and now, more clearheaded, I sit here and still wonder what exactly it was. Perhaps it should just suffice that it was good... and sufficient it is. Genuine exchange is all we can ever really ask of another person.

I didn't finish all the various tasks that I had set for myself this weekend, but it doesn't matter. Being a bit behind on laundry is a small price to pay for a few moments of clarity.


In other news, there is a new poll on the sidebar at right. For this one, I have made it possible for you to click all that apply. Please choose wisely; when they ask me about you, I will almost certainly crack under water boarding and tell them everything...

Go in Peace.


fleur said...

I am a fan of clarity... and Poet Abroad...

Poet Abroad said...

Et j'adore la petite fleur... and the jerky sureness of a verbal Ouija board. Much affection all around to the Flock Hall and its entertaining inhabitants, the newest members in my list of those-who-will-be-grievously-missed.

Raksha said...

Alas, I cannot vote in your poll. I don't spend my time on those things! For me, it's all message boards and YouTube. I've been wasting hours upon hours watching the foreign versions of So You Think You Can Dance and reviewing my favorite dances from US seasons past (Pasha was robbed like a Bishop in Sherwood Forest!). And now I've just learned that they've got old skool Doctor Who episodes up that aren't available on DVD yet.

Doctor Who is becoming a big time sink in general for me. Yes, again. And it's a good thing too, or else I wouldn't have come across this totally awesome bit of trivia:
So, you know Richard Dawkins? His wife is Lalla Ward (aka Romana 2: Electric Boogaloo)! And they were introduced by Douglas Adams! TRUFAX.

I don't know how this is at all relevant to what you posted. It's just that I don't know anyone else who would (1)know who the hell these people are or (2) care.

His Sinfulness said...

Poet Abroad,

When your travels return you to the US, you will be welcomed with open arms, where ever the papal apartments are at that time.

His Sinfulness said...

Damn, I forgot YouTube! Poor methodology.
Bad sociologist, no grant money!

the only bagel in france said...

Linus, don't be sad, I'll talk to you soon. Of course I still love you, pumpkin :D. Perhaps I will see you online today on Gmail or something. Now that the parents have been shipped home, I can actually waste time on the internet again. :)

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