The Blooming

The weather has warmed into the 60s, and the ladies of Black Vatican City are striving for vitamin D poisoning as quickly as possible. Suddenly, their limbs have emerged from their winter dormancy, and tank tops, skirts, shorts, and sandals are blooming all over. The grassy commons in the center of our campus looks like a summer garden.

And it is good. I know it's premature, and snow will fall again before warm weather is truly here to stay - it has snowed during finals week every year that I've lived here - but it's still a welcome sampling of what is to come. Surviving until the end of this semester feels much more likely today.


Mayren said...

i'm sure the Black Vatican's more skin clad bodies do bode well for Mr. Linus. Happy Friday indeed. lol

His Sinfulness said...

Yes, today is another lovely day! There is a forecast of rain and possible snow for the weekend, but I'm ignoring that for now... :)

Mayren said...

i think a little denial of ucky weather is allowed in the Hasppy Friday Pact bylaws so.. You Win!

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