Friday Knight

I spent the evening last night in the company of Sir Elton Hercules John! He was in Black Vatican City, playing a benefit concert for the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and I had some primo seats. I was so close I could count the sequins on his jacket, and he played just about every song I wanted to hear (he didn't do "The Bitch is Back" or "Sad Songs Say So Much" but these are minor quibbles).

He gave us extended versions of "Rocket Man" and "Philadelphia Freedom" as well as incredible renditions of "Levon" and "Daniel". I found myself getting quite emotional during "Tiny Dancer", and again, but for very different reasons, during "American Triangle" (a song that Sir Elton wrote about Matt's death).

For me, the high point of the night was when he hit the first chord of "Bennie and the Jets." I recall listening to that single on vinyl when I was a kid, over and over. To this day, if I hear that first chord on the radio in the car I immediately turn it up and sing along, regardless of any passengers. I know the words by heart, and singing along with him in person last night was incredible.

Of course, this all took place because of a horrific crime, perpetrated some 10 years ago now. Sir Elton has made it clear that he plans to do more to help the Matthew Shepard Foundation. We can all do more to help. Get involved, get educated, or just get out your checkbook.


Amber said...

Awesome!!! I'd love to see Elton John live! Not that the Matthew Sheppard Foundation isn't a worthy cause, but I'm amazed that Elotn John came there. Did he actually play in Laramie?

His Sinfulness said...

He actually came to Laramie - I think he may have had to leave by dog sled, but he came here. :)

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