The Pope's Email Address

No, not mine - the other Pope.

One of the cyberfaithful, Microdyke, brought this to my attention. The willingness of His Holiness to be cyberfriendly is laudable, but I hear he's already having some spam problems. Here's some stuff from his in-box:

"Enlarge your mitre - no pumps, exercises, or weights"

"Hot altarboys want to have sex with you tonight!"

"Benedict, we have your free Ipod!"

"Get Opus Dei, without a proscription" (if you get this joke, you must be Catholic...)

I think we should all send him a greeting - I dropped him a line, to reassure him that I'm just a phone call away if he's got any questions on this whole "Poping" thing. To let him know there's no hard feelings about last night's VFN attack, we're gonna' try to get together for lunch at Fat Burrito right after finals, then meet up with the Dalai Lama and his crew over at O'Dwyers for a couple pints. We're definitely gonna' need a designated driver...


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