Jack, meet Jack...

Sometimes the NQ (nerd quotient) gets pretty high around here. Like, for instance, the other day when Raksha and I were discussing crossover comics.

For those who are not comic fans, a crossover is when characters from two (or more) stories meet up in a single book. It's fairly common among superheroes, especially if the titles are owned by the same company. It is however, unusual for a successful comic book cast to meet up with, say, the cast of a TV show that has been cancelled for 30 years. Leave it to Raksha to uncover this little gem... the Star Trek - X-Men crossover.

Not to be outdone, I did some searching for the oddest crossover I could find. Naturally, the Japanese continue to be innovators in sheer oddness... Pirates of the Carribean meets Nightmare Before Christmas.

There are actually three stories - here is the blurb from this one;
"Join Jack, Sally, Sparrow, and Will Turner as Jack meets Captain Sparrow for the first time and the pumpkin in the moon grants Jack's heart's wish to become human; Charming art and story; All ages."

Beat that, Raksha.


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