WARNING: Set mope filter to high.

22 days until the end of classes.
24 days until finals start.
30 days until Commencement.

Commencement. An odd word for it. It's probably called that to put a perky spin on what is really happening. If they called it "Endment" no one would come...

Except, of course, your parents. They have been waiting for you to commence for a long damn time now. They want you to commence looking for a "real" job, so you can commence taking care of they can commence those golden years they promised themselves.

And the government - it wants you to commence as well, so you can commence paying taxes like a responsible adult, and commence paying those loans back, too.

They should call it "Dismantle-the-life-you-built-over-the-last-four-years-ment."

This is when we commence growing apart.
It's when we commence getting old.
Very soon we will commence looking back.

(If you are feeling the urge to commence writing a little note to Linus regarding the positive changes that will commence with the end of this semester, don't bother. He doesn't want to hear any shiney happy crap right now.)


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