Dream, 12:38 P.M.

I was in a warehouse. The director (played convincingly by Deacon Mark) told me that they wanted very immediate responses, so I should just go with whatever direction I received. They handed me a steno pad and a pen, then sent me next door to a house. In the front entryway there was a camera crew and a life-sized cardboard cutout of Al Pacino. "You are Hunter S. Thompson" was written on Al Pacino's chest in black sharpie. "Okay..." I said in a drawn out way (getting a big laugh from the crew) and down the hall I went. Raksha, wearing her goth princess dress, was sitting on the bed in one of the rooms. NerdyGirl lead me toward the back of the house, then out to the back porch. They wouldn't let us play baseball because we didn't speak Spanish. I went back into the house, and there was another cutout of Al Pacino. This one said "Now, you are David Schwimmer." I thought, "I should be like Ross now, but I didn't watch the show that much, and I'm really more of a Chandler kind of guy." As I made my way back toward the front, I found Raksha and NerdyGirl lying in bed together. They were both under the covers, showing shoulders in that way that movies use to tell you they are naked. Raksha was lying face down with her hands on her arms. NerdyGirl was kissing her shoulderblades and Raksha had a blissful expression on her face. Looking a bit guilty, NerdyGirl made eye contact with me and I said, "I don't blame you, I'd be doing that too if I were you." I put the steno pad and the pen down on the table behind Al Pacino and went outside.

At this point, for no apparent reason, I awoke.

"Portrait of the artist as a Greek Fisherman."
(There is a much worse one where I am wearing this hat backwards...)


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