And You Think I'm Crazy

The general consensus of late has been that my training regimen has gotten kind of intense - possibly even crazy. It's mostly the kettlebells that people are referring to. Every time we do our kettlebell workout outside - especially when we are working on flips or any of the other juggling techniques - the folks driving by always slow down and shake their heads at the guys throwing cannonballs around.

While I freely admit to being a bit of an extremist, I feel safe in saying,

"No, these guys are crazy..."

I'm not going to lie, though... that does look like fun. Where does one go to gather large, awkward rocks?


Regis said...

I'm pretty sure craziness isn't really a yes/no sort of thing, but more of a spectrum.

While I don't think you're quite to the point of your geomaterial-heaving example, I'll leave it to you to figure how far along it you are.

Anonymously Lost said...

Ju be strong like bull...

I think we can do it ;)

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