It's a TKO

I used to love politics. Back when Carter was in office, I made my aunt and uncle (they live in Georgia) drive me to Plains so I could see his house. When I was 13 or so, I actually watched Face the Nation on Sundays. When Reagan was elected, I was so upset that I wore a black armband to school. I worked for the campaigns of Gary Hart and Michael Dukakis, and I am still a rabid supporter of Bill Clinton, the best president we've had in my lifetime.

That being said, I am having a hard time caring this time around. I will certainly vote for Obama, and I am sure all the Faithful will as well (don't make me smite you!), but I have lost interest in the constant tit for tat that the press breathlessly brings to me each day. Since the pollsters have already all but crowned Obama as the new president, I would be fine with just a weekly wrap-up of the candidates' activities. I suppose that makes me just another jaded American, but let's face it - if this was a prize fight, they would've stopped it by now.

I will admit that I'm dreading whatever October Surprise the Republicans have up their sleeves, but unless it's something like video footage of Obama shoving a cigar up bin Laden's ass on a swiftboat named "Monkey Business," it's likely to just make them look even more pathetic. I'm fully expecting some asshat from the religious right to proclaim that Obama's election is God punishing his followers for tolerating something or other. Like God is up there saying, "Well, I've tried hurricanes and tidal waves, maybe they'll wake up if I let a minority get elected."

Hey God, if you're reading this - and first, let me just say I'm a BIG fan of your work - let me give you a head's up. We are no longer able to understand this vague, omens and portents thing. We have mass communication methods now - you have wireless up there, right? So just hit "reply all" and let us know what we're supposed to figgin' do, 'kay?

Oh, and I'm still voting for Obama.


WNG said...

You crack me up.
I'm volunteering for Obama's campaign and I've been tired of the punditry for MONTHS.

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