It's just one Saturday...

So I was checking the blog of the FBotA* this morning, and as is often the case, her never-ending quest for "Which Vampire is Your Ideal Lover?" quizzes and bisexual amputee MILF pr0n** has turned up something interesting.

Global Shutdown Day looks like an interesting experiment. Turning off your computer for 24 hours, especially on a Saturday, shouldn't be too hard, but like all days of abstinence its purpose is really to focus our attention. It's a good concept, but I think they are marketing it wrongly. They should piggy-back on some other well known days of abstinence like the Great American Smokeout and the Great American Meatout. They could call it The Great Global Pr0nout.

During the Pr0nout, there are many other things you could do with your computer.***

* "Fluffy Bunny of the Apocalypse" It's pronounced "ef-boat-ah."
** Yes, it actually exists. No, I don't know why.
*** Laptop curling is the new sport of kings.


Levi said...

laptop curling is only really useful if i can watch funny videos starring adorable kittens while buffing up my tri's.

ps waiting lists suck.

Modig_Bjorn said...

I'm just glad I didn't see a single mac being abused in that video. I would have had to rage against the machine. Or just bitch and moan, you know, whatever.

"Bisexual amputee MILF pr0n?" Jebus some people need help. "Professional, get the f%@k away from me" kind of help. ;)

Nerdygirl said...

Dude, they burned the rocks...wannabees.

Raksha said...

""Bisexual amputee MILF pr0n?" Jebus some people need help. "Professional, get the f%@k away from me" kind of help. ;)"

Oh, honey, that's nothing. Nothing. Seriously. Make sure you click the picture links ;)

But back to the topic at hand: I cannot turn off my computer for 24 hours. I cannot turn off my computer for 24 minutes. My internet went down for a couple hours once last year, and I spent almost three very shaky, scared, angry hours before my computer managed to pick up a wireless signal so I could pirate off of someone else. I can't imagine putting myself through that kind of pain voluntarily. Seriously, this is my one comfort, please just let me have it.

His Sinfulness said...




Stop picking on the less purient kids!

Raksha said...

Aw, but it's fun! Their tears taste like sunshine!

Big Gay Jim said...

Fotunately, I only read the first few bits of the timeline; I didn't have time to click on a picture link. Raksha honey, you are a demon most foul. Love you!

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