I generally ignore these things, but I was called out by the Fluffy Bunny of the Apocalypse - how can I refuse?

5 Things In My Refridgerator
- Soy Sauce (I just bought a gallon jug of it)
- precooked white rice (fried rice is a staple of Flock Hall)
- 36 eggs (I think they're Ben's...)
- Severely wilted lettuce (planning on throwing that away today)
- Many bottles of hot sauce

5 Things In My Closet
- 45 black t-shirts
- 7 kilts
- 1 short sword
- 2 spears
- An extra bird cage

5 Things In My Workbag/Backpack/Purse
I don't work, or even have a bag that I carry regularly...

5 Things In My Car
- 1 Windbreaker (black)
- 15 CDs
- 3 or 4 pens stolen from the credit union
- 1 gallon of windshield wiper fluid
- 1 chainsaw

5 People I Tag
- Raksha
- G-Log
- Levi
- Rachel
- Born Again Flocker

Plus One
- God, if he's checking the blogs...


Mandyfish said...

Prizes await you....on my blog.

Tessa K. said...


Benjamin said...

I agree... chainsaw?

Mmm, fried rice...

Linus said...

You never know when a chainsaw will come in handy...

Evydense said...

I'm looking forward's to god's reply!

Modig said...

5 Things In My Refridgerator
- 3 different kinds of Tobasco sauce (I recently converted Tara into a "spicyholic").
- left over grilled chicken kabobs from Sunday BBQ (oh so tasty)
- 1 gallon of Gatorade. (Is always in the fridge, I always drink a massive cup-full after exercising.)
- Jar of jalepenos, which I have been putting in everything lately. (For example, Mac & Cheese with cut up hot dogs and jalepenos, mmmmmmm.)
- Best Foods mayo, because Tara refuses to use any other kind.

5 Things In My Closet
- Martial arts bag, with weapons
- 2 boxes full of comics
- 1 vintage designed Star Wars shirt that tickles my fancy.
- 1 classic Spider-Man shirt that tickles my fancy
- 1 nice Batman shirt that fancies my tickle

5 Things In My Workbag/Backpack/Purse
I mainly just carry my purse around to accessorize... wait, what purse?

5 Things In My Car
- CD collection
- 1 Road atlas
- 1 foxtail
- C-3PO dash toy (My car is named C-RVPO)
- 1 bateryless flashlight (just shake, and shine!)

To echo the same sentiments from earlier posters... chainsaw? Is it gas-powered? Jebus!

Linus said...

Yes, it's gas powered. It needs an overhaul - the last time I used it was pretty intense.

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